Please answer the following questions:

  Yes No
Do you have earned income of at least £25,000pa (If individual loan over £500,000 or aggregate lending over £1,000,000 income requirements will be greater)?
Do you have a minimum deposit of 25% or sufficient equity to meet SBI’s LTV restriction of 75%?
Will the property be purchased on an AST or Common Law Tenancy and meet the rental coverage requirements at the relevant stress rate?
Please confirm that you have no recorded bankruptcies, repossessions or individual voluntary arrangements registered against you whether satisfied or not?
If this is a purchase, can you confirm this transaction is taking place at arm’s length, or if it is a remortgage have you owned the property for 12 months?
I/We are applying for this Buy to Let mortgage for the purpose of a business carried on, or intended to be carried on by I/Us.
I/We understand that I/We will not have the benefit of the protection and remedies that would be available to I/Us under the act if the mortgage were a regulated mortgage contract under the act.
I/We understand that if I/We are in any doubt as to the consequences of the mortgage not being regulated by the act, then I/We will seek independent legal advice.
Do you own at least two or more properties which are A) occupied on the basis of a rental agreement or not occupied as a dwelling by you or by a person related to you or B) subject to a mortgage under a BTL credit agreement?
Do you or a person related to you, currently or intend to occupy the subject dwelling?
(Only answer for remortgage applications) Since the date that the property was purchased has it been occupied as a dwelling by you or a person related to you?